Public Health

Fact sheets and background related to public health research

Changes in demographics and growth of the ageing population, an increasing need to use resources efficiently, demand for new skills in health professionals, globalisation of health issues, the non-communicable disease epidemic, shift of focus from treatment to prevention – all of these challenges influence public health.

Public health policies are aimed at sustained population-wide health improvement and reduction of health inequalities. Public health research plays a key role in providing the evidence base needed to support the development and monitoring of health policies.

Research to support health policy

The European Commission supports:

  • research that addresses major current and future policy challenges for public health ( e.g. public health policy-makers rely on researchers to provide evidence to inform reforms of health care systems, to make them more efficient, equitable, sustainable, and resilient)
  • research that capitalizes on the diversity of health systems across Europe and promotes the sharing of data, knowledge and best practices
  • research related to health technology assessment (HTA), including work on HTA methodologies, hospital-based HTA, medical devices and complex interventions
  • foresight projects in public health research, in order to provide analyses for future, longer term policy development in the health sector