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Key Research Areas

Health promotion and health services

Public health research investigates opportunities for collective action aimed at producing sustained population-wide health improvement and reducing health inequalities. Public health research fields include health promotion, disease prevention, health services and health policies. Under Horizon 2020, we will address priorities for public health research funding in these fields in Europe and worldwide, including in low-or middle-income countries.

Health promotion and disease prevention

Research aims to help the EU citizens to live a healthier lifestyle through innovative interventions. Focus areas include promoting healthy nutrition and preventing obesity, encouraging physical activity and finding innovative ways to promote mental health and wellbeing, including better integration of ICT. Another area of research is improving health literacy i.e. people's access to health information and their capacity to use it effectively. Links between environment and health are also studied to further strengthen action in health promotion. Research on disease prevention focuses on support to the scaling up of successful surveillance and screening programmes for early disease detection, as well as providing evidence that allows discontinuing programmes shown to be ineffective or too costly.

Health systems and services

Health systems consist of the following core components: leadership and governance, health workforce, service delivery, health technologies, health information systems and health system financing. We aim to focus on innovations that improve patient-centred care, encourage a shift towards prevention and contribute to resilience and sustainability of health systems.

Global Health

In the field of maternal and child health, we promote research aimed at reducing inequities in terms of access to and quality of care. We also support implementation research for scaling-up of evidence-based innovations and good practices. Another focus area is reducing mortality and morbidity related to facility-based deliveries.

In addition to the above-mentioned research fields, we support work on methodological aspects of public health research as well as research on knowledge translation.



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