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Structural genomics and proteomics research: first joint meeting of European projects

Aim of the conference

Practical information

Aim of the conference

Organised by F4 Fundamental Genomics Unit, the Conference “Structural Genomics & Proteomics Research - 1st Joint Meeting of European Projects” will gather 12 FP6 projects This is the first time they cluster together. For some, it will be their kick-off meeting. For others, their annual review.

What’s Structural Genomics ?

Structural Genomics (SG) aims to determine the three-dimensional structure of proteins, which is a key element to elucidate basic biological mechanisms as well as for drug design, therefore having a potentially high impact in the society. Although a few national initiatives have pioneered the field, SG started in Europe with a certain delay in contrast to the United States and Japan, mainly due to the huge investments required and the fragmentation of the European research. Some of these projects are focused in the development and standardisation of technologies, strongly oriented to innovation.

Main objective of the Conference

To discover what makes the "European" label on this basic scientific field, which is starting to be competitive with the US and Japan big initiatives thanks to the FP6 collaborative projects effort. Another objective is to establish gateways with proteomics, a sister discipline with big potential in human health.

Specific objectives are:

  • To create synergies between the projects by clustering/networking, establishing gateways between disciplines.
  • To give more visibility to the field by highlighting its achievements.
  • To disseminate best practices and success stories related to the big collaborative projects.
  • To debate and elaborate a proposal on the current/future policies needed for SG in Europe (at national and European levels)

Estimated attendance: 350-400 participants

  • Researchers from EU and FP6 associated countries
  • Members of the Scientific Advisory Boards from Europe, US, Japan, New Zealand, etc.
  • Policymakers from different member states are invited to the policies session
  • General and scientific press

Highlights of some plenary and satellite sessions (draft agenda):

  • Parallel project meetings (closed sessions)
  • Open project presentations - 2 and 3 december
  • EU Structural Genomics policies forum. (European infrastructures users assessment and prospective study, industry involvement, policymakers, strategic planning, impact on European Science, etc)
  • Round table: Structural genomics for health (virus, target discovery, membrane proteins, drug design).
  • Seminar: Identifying and managing Intellectual Property Rights in an academic setting (organised by BIOXHIT)
  • International cooperation (SG from the 5 continents)

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