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Funding Excellence in Research

Funding Excellence in Research

Only excellent research is to be funded. Independent experts from all over the world assist the Commission in the selection of proposals in a rigorously monitored peer-review process. The proposals are analysed and ranked by the experts according to several selection criteria, of which the most important is their scientific and technical excellence.The reviewers also identify potential issues and make recommendations to refine the proposals.

After a negotiation phase with the selected candidates, a grant agreement detailing the financial and scientific aspects of the project will be signed. The projects will then run typically from three to five years and their development will be monitored by the Commission services from a financial and administrative point of view to ensure good management and good value-for-money use of public funded. Independent reviewers may assist the scientific officers from the Commission in the assessment of the scientific results that will define the success of the project.

For more information on the European Commission's proposal evaluation process, consult Rules on submission of proposals, and the related evaluation, selection and award procedures.

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