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New Therapies and Immunization Strategies

This section of the health research programme refers to novel treatments and biomedical remedies to address diseases which are currently untreatable, where life is at stake and where diseased, damaged or defective tissues and organs need to be regenerated.

As a common denominator, advanced therapies developed here focus on harnessing biological functions in an innovative way, in order to fight specific, often chronic disease conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, heart and neurodegenerative disease, but also immune deficiencies, skin and eye disorders, as well as muscle, bone and cartilage deficiencies.

Advanced therapies, as contrasted by standard drugs treatment based on small molecules, will employ large biomolecules, genes, cells or tissues as therapy, or aim to better mobilise the human immune defence, to counteract disease.

New therapies and novel immunization strategies are in particular needed to address mounting health problems of an ageing population.

Such novel therapeutic, or preventive approaches, that are based on using biological functions to fight disease, most often represent knowledge-based, high-value, innovative technologies, thus providing a unique opportunity to boost European industrial competitiveness in this booming biomedical field.

Research funded under this section of the health research programme principally aims to develop platform technologies that could be applied in several different clinical conditions. It is thus cross-cutting, not disease-specific research, which is supported under this section of the programme.

Immunization technologies and vaccines

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