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Diagnostics and Imaging

Projects FP6

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In-vitro Diagnostics (molecular testing and in-vitro imaging):

ADDNET: Paradigm shift from kidney biopsies to advanced molecular diagnostics from patient urine

AntePrion: Development of a pre-clinical blood test for prion diseases

COBRED: Colon and Breast Cancer Diagnostics

DASIM: Diagnostic Applications of Synchrotron Infrared Microspectroscopy

Diana: Predictive diagnostics for diabetic nephropathy (DiaNa) - Novel nanotechnology based test platforms


EDAR: Beta amyloid oligomers in the early diagnosis of AD and as marker for treatment response.

EuroFlow: Flow cytometry for fast and sensitive diagnosis and follow-up of haematological malignancies

EUROGENTEST: Harmonizing genetic testing across Europe

EUROGENGUIDE: A guide to genetics issues for the public and health professionals

FLUOROMAG: Multiparameter sensing for high sensitivity diagnostics using fluorescent and magnetic nanoparticles

GENEPARK: Genomic biomarkers for Parkinson's disease'

Glyfdis: Glycans in Body Fluids - Potential for Disease Diagnostics

IBDchip: Inflammatory bowel disease

MITOCIRCLE: Mitochondrial diseases: From bedside to genome to bedside

MolDiag-Paca: Novel molecular diagnostic tools for the prevention and diagnosis of pancreatic cancer

MOLECULAR IMAGING: Integrated Technologies for In-Vivo Molecular Imaging

Nacardio: Nanoparticle-based electronic biosensor for diagnostics of cardiovascular disease

NANOGNOSTICS: Quantum Dot-Based Highly Sensitive Immunoassays for Multiplexed Diagnostics of Alzheimer's Disease

NANOMYC: Multiparametric detection of bio-molecule conjugated nanoparticles for the diagnostic investigation of mycobacterial infections of humans and animals

NanoSense: Moving sensitive immunoassays from slow and expensive to fast and affordable nanoparticle-based methods

NeuroScreen: Sensitive and differential blood and cerebrospinal fluid test for neurodegenerative dementia diagnosis

NeuroTAS: Microfluidic Total Analysis System for the Early Diagnostic of Neurodegenerative Disorders

POC4LIFE: Multiparametric Quantum Dot Bioassay for Point of Care Diagnosis

Pregenesys: Development of Early Non-Invasive Biomarkers and Means for the Diagnosis and Progression Monitoring of Preeclampsia and Tailoring Putative Therapies

QuAGSiC: Quantitative Analysis of Genes in Single Cells


STEMDIAGNOSTICS: The development of new diagnostic tests, new tools and non-invasive methods for the prevention, early diagnosis and monitoring for haematopoietic stem cell transplantation

TSEUR: An integrated immunological and cellular strategy for sensitive TSE diagnosis and strain discrimination

UBIGENES: Genetics of coenzyme Q deficiency in humans

USDEP: Ultra-sensitive Diagnostic of Emerging Pathogens

In-vivo Diagnostics (IMAGING):

Bonsai: Bio-imaging with Smart Functional Nanoparticles

DIMI: Diagnostic Molecular Imaging

EIBIR: European Institute for Biomedical Imaging Research

Nemo: Nano-based capsule-Endoscopy with Molecular Imaging and Optical biopsy