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Headlines Published on 29 December 2003

Title On the move… new research website for sustainable transport

With the recent launch by the Commission of a website dedicated to transport research, stakeholders can look forward to regular updates on the latest in European research and strategy in this diverse field.

Getting Europeans safely to work on time © Image: Sustainable surface transport site
Getting Europeans safely to work on time

© Image: Sustainable surface transport site
The new transport research website was given the final go ahead in December by the European Commission after several months of careful preparation. Designed as a sister site to the Space and Aeronautics Research sites, the transport site picks up where the successful ‘Growth’ website left off. Chiefly, the new site covers this important subject from four angles: surface transport research, transport modes, research challenges, and future trends.   

According to the site’s mission: “[It] provides news and information on ‘Sustainable surface transport’ activities within the ‘Sustainable development, global change and ecosystems’ priority thematic area of the European Commission’s Sixth Framework Programme… (FP6). Its aim is to promote greater openness and understanding among researchers and the general public, demonstrating to European citizens how they are benefiting from transport-related research.”

The website outlines how forward-thinking policy-making in the transport area plays a key role in people’s everyday lives, whether it is improving economic competitiveness or simply providing efficient transport helping Europe’s citizens get to work. The sustainable development aspect is key: surface transport drives the EU’s economic engine, the site explains, but it must not be at the expense of the environment or people’s health. Economic growth, freedom of movement and sustainability issues are central elements of Union policy and a key priority for transport research.

Transport research in focus
To focus the surface transport research activities under FP6, the Commission came up with a list of four key themes: ‘Safety, ‘Environment’, ‘Competitiveness’ and ‘Integration & Intermodality’. Under each of these, visitors to the site will find an introduction and related news stories and projects being funded by the European Union. 

On the homepage, the first thing visitors will note is a selection of news stories and features, headlined by a conference report following the Vehicle Passive Safety Network (EVPSN) event in Paris last month. In the ‘Future Trends’ section of the site, the Commission will endeavour to keep readers informed on cutting-edge research and technologies in the surface transport sector, including progress towards cleaner fuels such as hydrogen, and what Europe can expect in the way of ‘intelligent transport systems’ in years to come.

In addition, the site presents a short list of highlights in this field of research, coming events, a growing archive of press releases related to transport policy and research in the EU, and a message from Research Commissioner Philippe Busquin.

Source:  EU sources


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