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Last update: 05-08-02

Tuesday 18 June 2001

Opening of the conference

  • Opening address
    Philippe Busquin (Commissioner for Research)
    PDF files:
    - FR - 95 kb
      - EN (version for video subtitles) - 86 kb

  • Welcome address
    Michal Kleiber (Minister of Science, Poland)
    (PDF file - size 152 kb)

  • Providing world-wide confidence for measurement results
    Andrew Wallard (Director Designate, Bureau International des Poids et Mesures)
    (PDF file - size 878 kb)

Session 1: Measurements and testing for society

Introduction by the chairperson

Miguel Valcarcel (Head, Division of Analytical Chemistry, University of Cordoba, Spain)
(PDF file - size 98 kb)

Environmental monitoring - making local measurements coherent Europewide

Jacques Repussard (Deputy Director General, Institut National de l'Environnement Industriel et des Risques, France)
(PDF file - size 1.737 kb)

Improving health and safety – the contribution of harmonised measurements and testing

Danuta Koradecka (Director, Central Institute for Labour Protection, Poland)
(PDF file - size 1.716 kb)

Testing food for risks and safety

Peter Biacs (Professor, Bay Zoltan Foundation for Applied Research, Hungary)
(PDF file - size 224 kb)

Common methods to combat crime and fraud in Europe

Kimmo Himberg (Director, National Bureau of Investigation, Crime Laboratory, Finland)
(PDF file - size 133 kb)

Presentations of posters describing measurements and testing projects in response to the needs of society
(PDF file - size 340 kb)

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Session 2: Measurements and testing for trade and competitiveness

Introduction by the chairperson

Janko Drnovsek (Laboratory of Metrology and Quality, University of Ljubljana, Head of Metrology Council of Slovenia)
(PDF file - size 109 kb)

Quality assurance and measurement centre – how an old company became successful once again

Jiri Hlubucek (, SkodaAuto, Czech Republic)
(PDF file - size 1.197 kb)

Measurements and testing tools as a basis for a small company’s achievements

Petri Jaakkola (Managing director, Temet Instruments Oy, Finland)
(PDF file - size 392 kb)

Measures against counterfeiting of industrial products

Klaus Hoffmeister (Manager, Central Bureau of Intellectual Property Rights, Germany)
(PDF file - size 767 kb)

Standardisation – a key element for growth

Kamal Hossain (Director, Science and Technology, National Physical Laboratory, United Kingdom) -
(PDF file - size 1.632 kb)

Presentations of posters describing projects in support of trade and competitiveness
(PDF file - size 620 kb)

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  Tuesday 18 June 2001
  Wednesday 19 June 2002
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  Wednesday 19 June 2002

Session 3: Towards an integrated European infrastructure

Introduction by the chairperson

Michael Sargent (Analytical chemist, Laboratory of the Government Chemist, United Kingdom)
(PDF file - size 93 kb)

Metrology – a common strategy for Europe

Paul Hetherington (Director, Irish National Metrology Laboratory; Chairman Elect of EUROMET)
(PDF file - size 436 kb)

Integrated metrology infrastructure – are the candidate countries ready to join?

Ionel Urdea Marcus (Senior scientist, National Institute of Metrology, Romania)
(PDF file - size 287 kb)

Ensuring traceability of chemical measurements

Nineta Majcen (Head of Laboratory Center Celje, Metrology Institute of the Republic of Slovenia)
(PDF file - size 375 kb)

Keeping the time right

Sigfrido Leschiutta (President, Istituto Elettrotecnico Nazionale Galileo Ferraris, Italy)
(PDF file - size 1.936 kb)

Panel discussion

Introduction by the chaiperson

Claes Bankvall (President, SP, Swedish National Testing and Research Institute)
(PDF file - size 130 kb)

Question to panel members - (PDF file - size 107 kb)

Session speakers and:

Horst Czichos (President, Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und –Prüfung, Germany; President of EUROLAB)
(PDF file - size 47 kb)

Filomena Camões (Professor, Facutly of Sciences, University of Lisbon, Portugal; Chairman Elect of EURACHEM)
(PDF file - size 265 kb)

Elena Santiago (Director for External Relations, Spanish Association for Standardisation and Certification)
(PDF file - size 4.340 kb)

Jan Balla (Clinical Scientist, Department of Clinical Biochemistry, J.A. Reiman’s Hospital, Slovakia)
(PDF file - size 104 kb)

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Session 4: Towards the implementation of the European Research Area - the 6th Framework Programme

Introduction by the chairperson

Marek Kepka (Director, State Committee for Scientific Research, Poland)
(PDF file - size 174 kb)

General structure and new instruments of FP6

Wiktor Raldow (Head of Unit, EC-Research DG)
Part one (PDF file - size 240 kb)
Part two (PDF file - size 256 kb)

Future challenges for measurement and testing research:

Genomic analysis and standardisation in genetic testing

Egbert Bakker (Head, DNA Diagnostic Laboratory, Leiden University Medical Centre, The Netherlands)
(PDF file - size 1.122 kb)

Nanotechnology – the role of metrology

Kim Carneiro (Director, Danish Institute of Fundamental Metrology)
(PDF file - size 729 kb)

JRC research at the service of EU policies

Manfred Grasserbauer (Director, Institute for Reference Materials and Measurements, Joint Research Centre, Belgium)
(PDF file - size 974 kb)

Closing address

Wiktor Raldow (Head of Unit, EC-Research DG)

Scientific Committee – High Level Expert Group:

Claes Bankall (chairman), Pierre Barbier, Knut Blind, Kim Carneiro, Janko Drnovsek, Katalin Gruiz, Barbara Gworek, Kimmo Himberg, Horst Kunzmann, Henri-Noël Migeon, Carlos Nieto de Castro, Vassilios J. Papazoglou, Michael Sargent, Miguel Valcarcel, Maire C. Walsh, Terence A. Wilkins
(see PDF file - size 92 kb)

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  Tuesday 18 June 2001
  Wednesday 19 June 2002
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