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Poster session

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The presented posters were:

Competitiveness and Trade

  • Virtual institute for industrial chemometrics and metrology (VICIM)
    (PDF file - size: 136 kb)

  • Metrology in the European Research Area (MERA)
    (PDF file - size: 303 kb)

  • Information system and qualifying criteria for proficiency testing systems (EPTIS)
    (PDF file - size: 155 kb)

  • The IRMM-JRC supported network to implement metrology in chemistry in the EU candidate countries (IRMM-JRC-MiC)
    (PDF file - size: 145 kb)

  • Thematic networks for European transport research facility operators
    (PDF file - size: 132 kb)

  • Quantum devices for fundamental electrical metrology in Europe
    (PDF file - size: 143 kb)

  • Ceramics testing and the Versailles project on advanced materials and standards (VAMAS)
    (PDF file - size: 331 kb)

  • The European pressure equipment research council (EPERC)
    (PDF file - size: 131 kb)

  • Permanently-sealed transportable multicell temperature standards
    below 0°C MULTICELLS
    (PDF file - size: 169 kb)

  • “For intellectual property respect” - fighting piracy with innovation
    (PDF file - size: 133 kb)

  • The accuracy of the reference for on-line measurements in pig carcass classification (EUPIGCLASS)
    (PDF file - size: 296 kb)

  • Biosensors: use in routine assays to meet industrial needs for food products (PDF file - size: 121 kb)

  • Diagnostic protocols for organisms harmful to plants (DIAGPRO)
    (PDF file - size: 181 kb)

  • SI-traceable standards of high metrological quality for chemical measurements (PDF file - size: 227 kb)

  • Optical techniques for 3D surface measurements on the micro and nano-scales (PDF file - size: 169 kb)

  • AC loss and quality measurements on HTS superconductors for power
    applications (Q-SECRETS)
    (PDF file - size: 120 kb)

  • Testing methodology for service life prediction of solar building
    facade components
    (PDF file - size: 132 kb)

  • Can we resolve the discrepancy in measurements of low frequency
    electrical conductivity? (CONDUCTIVITY)
    (PDF file - size: 127 kb)

  • Furniture surface testing methods (FUNFACE)
    (PDF file - size: 125 kb)

  • Certified reference materials (CRMs) for mechanical testing
    (PDF file - size: 169 kb)

  • Development and standardisation of test methods for thin
    engineering coatings
    (PDF file - size: 144 kb)

  • A simple and portable NDT integrated system for evaluating the stone mechanical features (McDUR)
    (PDF file - size: 136 kb)

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  • Measuring the size and composition of diesel nanoparticles (PSICO-DEXA)
    (PDF file - size: 134 kb)

  • CRMs for the measurement of PCBs and other organic contaminants in food (PDF file - size: 137 kb)

  • Towards harmonisation of open path measurement – remote optical
    sensing evaluation (ROSE)
    (PDF file - size: 118 kb)

  • Integrating life cycle assessment data with product data technology (CASCADE)
    (PDF file - size: 133 kb)

  • Probabilistic expression of measurement uncertainty for accurate
    risk evaluation
    (PDF file - size: 499 kb)

  • Future use of certified reference materials in Europe
    (PDF file - size: 106 kb)

  • Forensic ear identification (FEARID)
    (PDF file - size: 123 kb)

  • Holographic authenticity sensors (HolAuthentic)
    (PDF file - size: 142 kb)

  • Strategies and methods to detect and quantify mammalian tissues in feedingstuffs (STRATFEED)
    (PDF file - size: 127 kb)

  • How to detect and identify banned antibiotics and growth promoters in feeds?
    (PDF file - size: 132 kb)

  • New technology in food sciences to face the multiplicity
    of newly-released GMOs
    (PDF file - size: 133 kb)

  • Determination of individual noise exposure - new methods (DOSE)
    (PDF file - size: 151 kb)

  • ECVAM validation study of three in vitro embryotoxicity tests as alternatives to testing in animals
    (PDF file - size: 365 kb)

  • Thermal insulation measurements of cold protective clothing using thermal manikins
    (PDF file - size: 155 kb)

  • Development of a primary method for quantitative DNA measurements
    (PDF file - size: 171 kb)

  • Primary ultrasonic power measurement promotes treatment quality in physiotherapy
    (PDF file - size: 164 kb)

  • New all-optical system for precise magnetic field measurements
    (new magnetometer)
    (PDF file - size: 151 kb)

  • Dust in the workplace: size-selective air sampling (PoFAS)
    (PDF file - size: 160 kb)

  • Safety evaluation of welding face-shield with dual filters (WELDUF)
    (PDF file - size: 155 kb)

  • Definition of the standard for footwear protecting against chemicals and microorganisms (CHEM SAFE FOOTWEAR)
    (PDF file - size: 139 kb)

  • Fire performance of electrical cables – new test methods and measurement techniques (FIPEC)
    (PDF file - size: 151 kb)

  • Artwork conservation by laser - a field of multidisciplinary research in Europe
    (COST G7) (PDF file - size: 155 kb)

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