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Competitive and Sustainable Growth


Into the Second Decade of European Industrial Research

The Competitive and Sustainable Growth programme is the latest phase of a European industrial research effort that dates back to the mid-1950s.


The programme builds on four previous European research programmes.

  • Industrial and Materials Technologies (Brite-EuRam III): This major, ECU 1.6 billion programme, itself an amalgam of European programmes dating back to the 1980s, funded well over 500 research projects and almost 100 thematic networks in the fields of production technologies, materials and transport technologies.

  • Standards, Measurements and Testing (SMT): Complementary in many ways to Brite-EuRam III, SMT focused on improving the state of the art in measurement and testing. The budget of ECU 184 million was devoted to projects improving measurement techniques for industry (around 40%), trade (35%) and society (25%).

  • Transport: while Brite-EuRam focused on the technologies of transport (cars, trains and aircraft), the ECU 263 million Transport research programme focused on sustainable mobility - developing, integrating and managing a more efficient, safer and environmentally friendly transport system. Just over 300 projects were funded.

  • European Coal and Steel Research: Established in 1955, this programme has helped Europe's coal and steel companies, universities and research institutes to pool their resources and improve their competitiveness. ECSC (European Coal and Steel Community) research is slowly being phased into the EU's Framework Programmes before the expiry of the ECSC treaty in 2002.
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