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Programme rationale


 The European challenge

The future economic success of the EU depends on industry's ability to balance successfully the twin challenges of producing innovative products competitively and supporting sustainable development. Consumers want higher quality, safer products with more functionality. At the same time society expects industry to minimise its environmental impact, limit consumption of new resources and cut production of waste. Economic growth generates increased road, rail, maritime and air traffic with the undesirable side effects of congestion and pollution. Europe must reconcile the conflicting pressures of growing demand for mobility and the need to reduce the environmental impact of transport.

With a budget of 2,705 million euro, the Competitive and Sustainable Growth thematic programme of the European Commission's Fifth Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development (FP5) is tackling these socio-economic challenges. The goal is to increase economic growth and create new jobs in Europe. This research is:

  • Helping European industry develop innovative products and processes to serve customers better, using intelligent and eco-efficient production methods.
  • Generating new ideas about how enterprises can organise to improve efficiency and the skills of their workforces.
  • Improving the efficiency, integration and safety of existing modes of transport.
  • Developing new technologies and concepts for the vehicles and vessels of the future.
The European challenge
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