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Programme approach

The Competitive and Sustainable Growth Programme is based around four "key actions":

1. Innovative products, processes and organisation;
2. Sustainable mobility and intermodality;
3. Land transport and marine technologies; and
4. New perspectives for aeronautics.

There are also a series of "generic research" strands looking at:

New materials and production technologies in general;
New materials and production technologies in the steel industry;
Measurements and testing.

Overall support to the programme includes development of synergistic research infrastructures and general co-ordination of projects through the establishment of clusters of complementary actions in key areas. The Growth Programme also contains specific measures to encourage participation by SMEs (small and medium-size enterprises), non-European companies, training for young people and more general co-operation on a global scale through international agreements.


The European challenge
Programme approach
Budget breakdown  
Support for SMEs
Involving non EU countries
Training in Europe
International agreements


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