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Good transport links are vital to Europe's economic well being, and as a major sector in its own right, transportation must be seen as a key driver of industrial growth and competitiveness. Broad research on a range of transport-related issues took place in the Fourth Framework Programme for Research and the results can now be studied on a new website created by the Energy and Transport Directorate. Details are available on 280 projects which take in topical and important social, financial and economic issues.

The website provides summaries of the key results and policy implications from the RTD transport programme. Detailed project reports are also available by downloading from an extensive document library and there are links to related sites for both on-going and finished projects. Users can register to receive regular e-mail bulletins so they can be kept informed of results as and when they are released.

The Energy and Transport DG wants the results of the transport programme - which ran from 1994 to 1998 - to be made widely available. This is to help ensure the work supports decision makers in Member States. The aim is to build a Transport RTD Knowledge Centre that will be a valuable reference for national, regional, and local administrators as well as for industry and researchers.

Achieving transport objectives

With a budget of 5270 million from the EC and further funding from project partners, the transport programme helps inform the EU's Common Transport Policy (CTP) which seeks to produce efficient and cost-effective transport networks for goods and passengers while minimising energy consumption and the social and environmental impacts of transport.

The 280 projects were established within seven main areas of research: strategic research; rail transport; air transport; water-based transport; road transport; urban transport; and integrated transport chains.

From modes to themes

There has been a shift of emphasis for transport research under the EC's Fifth Framework programme, as work is now based around themes rather than modes. Such activities are covered by the key action "Sustainable Mobility and Intermodality" to which Commission plans to contribute 5320 million. There is plenty of other transport-related research being carried out under the auspices of the Fifth Framework covering topics such as aeronautics, urban development, and new vehicle and information technologies.

   EXTRA contacts

The project to provide the above website is called EXTRA, EXploitation of TRAnsport research and its technical content, as well as an Information Bureau and complementary activities (newsletters, events) all seek to raise awareness of the programme in the EU and in central and eastern Europe.

The Information Bureau can be contacted by telephone:
+ 44 (0) 1235 46 42 46,
by fax: + 44 (0) 1235 43 65 51
or by e-mail to:

It can provide printed copies of information on the website, as well as helping with more general enquiries on transport research. A handy website user guide can be provided on request. Users are encouraged to register with the bureau to receive monthly e-mail bulletins announcing the latest information on the Web.

Achieving transport objectives
From modes to themes
EXTRA contacts
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