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Set up in 2001 to analyse the adequacy of the existing political and regulatory framework for aerospace in Europe, the European Advisory Group on Aerospace has identified key areas that will determine the future competitiveness of the industry and its ability to contribute effectively to Europe’s main policy goals. Their findings have now been presented to the President of the European Commission, Romano Prodi, in a report entitled, Strategic Aerospace Review for the 21st Century (STAR 21).

Europe’s leaders have set wide-ranging goals for the European Union with important implications for the aerospace industry. More than ever, economic and industrial structures must be capable of attaining ambitious targets in terms of competitiveness while responding to evolving foreign and security policies. According to the STAR 21 report (pdf file), a thriving aerospace industry is crucial to ensuring a secure and prosperous future for Europe. It represents an invaluable pool of key skills and technologies and is a driving force for innovation. It provides the means of delivery of services from space and makes an essential contribution to security and defence.

The European aerospace industry is a world leader in several key market sectors. Its well-being depends on both civil- and defence-related applications, complementary and mutually dependant areas. Operating within both markets means sharing skills and technologies and reaping economic benefits from a broad product range.

The Advisory Group – membership and key findings

The European Advisory Group on Aerospace comprises seven aerospace industry chairmen, five European Commissioners, including Research Commissioner Philippe Busquin , the EU High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy and two Members of the European Parliament.

In considering the issues facing the European aerospace industry, the Advisory Council has set out four key findings in the STAR 21 report:

  • Aerospace is vital to meeting Europe’s objectives for economic growth, security and quality of life;
  • A strong industrial base provides Europe with choices and options with regard to its presence and influence on the world stage;
  • European aerospace must remain strong to be a full partner in the global marketplace;
  • Europe must remain at the forefront of key technologies to have an innovative and competitive aerospace industry.

The STAR 21 report identifies a number of areas in which the European Institutions, Member States and the aerospace industry must act to maintain Europe’s leading position in the aerospace sector:

  • World markets – Europe’s goal should be to secure a level playing field, allowing for fair competition, including convergence of global export control procedures, reciprocal market access and more international co-operation.
  • Operating environment – A coordinated research strategy, including increased resources, is essential. An estimated € 100 billion is required over the next 20 years. Tax incentives should also be considered.
  • Governance of civil aviation – The EU should be a policy-maker in all areas of civil aviation. A master plan for air traffic management will be a crucial element under the Single European Sky initiative.
  • Defence - Security and defence are seen as the areas of most pressing need. A coherent European structure is a prerequisite, with harmonised military goals and jointly planned budgets.
  • Space – The report welcomes moves towards a consolidated European space policy with adequate funding. The Galileo and GMES programmes are seen as key elements.
Call for views

The European Advisory Group on Aerospace is calling for the widest possible response to its analysis and recommendations and is looking forward in particular to the reaction of Member States and Community institutions.

The Advisory Group – membership and key findings
Call for views

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