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New integrated separation processes using reactive selection and flow kinetics mean increased production, lower costs and improved environmental performance.

Conventional mining techniques result in large amounts of secondary materials which are either dangerous and therefore must be properly treated and disposed of, or which are of little value. Better and more efficient separation techniques could reduce the amount of these secondary materials and provide an economic boost to the European mining industry.

This project aimed to develop and implement improved state-of-the-art separation techniques for the minor elements produced during mining operations. The new methods have led to dramatic treatment capacity increases, and thus extremely significant processing cost reductions.

The environmental benefits are obvious and the increase in competitivity seen at the southern European exploitation site allowed the maintenance of the activity even during the recent period of critically low metal prices. Partners say this would not otherwise have been the case. The site is now once again a global player in the field of mining and mineral valorisation. Credit for the project's success goes to the excellent collaboration between research and industrial partners.

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