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New phenolic and acrylic resins and new resin transfer moulding machines and methodology will mean safer buses, trains, boats and planes and a cleaner environment.

The use of composite materials is now widespread, especially in the construction and transportation sectors where strong yet lightweight and corrosion-resistant structural and decorative elements provide an attractive alternative to aluminium and steel.

This project was aimed at developing new materials and methodologies for the production of safer, more environmentally-friendly composites. New, fire-resistant, low-smoke-density and non-toxic gas-releasing phenolic and acrylic resins were formulated for use in Resin Transfer Moulding (RTM) processes. Automated high-capacity RTM equipment was also developed, specially conceived for fire-resistant composites processing. Finally, new design methodologies were developed, taking into account the mechanical, physical and chemical behaviour of the new composite materials and their processing parameters.

Project partners say the new methods will mean significant improvements in home, industrial and civil safety in Europe, and they see potential applications in the bus manufacturing, railway, naval and aeronautics industries. The new process will also have a positive impact on the environment, in terms of a reduction in the release of dangerous gases when burned. The system is now being successfully marketed.

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