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Graphic element Laser measurement device offers more choice in made-to-order orthopaedic shoe market
Obtaining foot measurements by laser digitilization reduces costs and delivery time and improves quality of orthopaedic shoes.
Leading companies from four EU countries joined forces in this project to develop a new method for designing and producing orthopaedic shoes. The result is a portable, laser-based device for obtaining foot measurements in digital form. Information collected is transmitted to specialised treatment centres where shoes can then be designed using a CAD/CAM process.

The benefits of the new system are numerous. Time required to produce a foot cast is reduced from at least three hours to 20 minutes, leading to significant reductions in costs and delivery time. Quality will also be improved, insofar as foot measurements taken using the device are more precise than those obtained using traditional methods. Users of the device do not have to be highly specialised.

The project is having a dramatic impact on what has until recently been a traditional industry. Stylish footwear is particularly in demand in the orthopaedic sector and the new method will increase customer choice.

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