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A new feature-based product structure for process planning and cost estimation is aimed at SMEs in the special tools industry. Product models and databases can be built up and reused.

Most currently available software systems for process planning are targeted at large-volume manufacturers and do not consider sufficiently the needs of SMEs, particularly special tools producers, who often have to design and create single parts.

The objective of this project was the development of a software system for improving cost estimation and process planning in the special tooling industry. Partners created a feature-based product structure linking product features, costs and manufacturing requirements. Once a model for a specific tool has been prepared it can be used from the tendering phase right through to the process planning and production phases. Similar products, components and parts can be grouped into classes with assigned properties, allowing users to build up their own databases and reducing the need for repeated input.

The project was initiated by one of its several SME partners in order to overcome the technical and cost constraints of tendering and process planning. Partners now say the new system will lead to cost savings of up to 50 %. An industrial version is currently being marketed.

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