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A new pultrusion process, 25 percent faster and 10 percent cheaper, means increased marketability for light-weight, strong and corrosion-resistant fibre-reinforced polymer profiles.

The pultrusion process is a continuous production method for producing fibre-reinforced polymer profiles with constant cross sectional area. The technical benefits of pultruded products relative to aluminium and particularly steel profiles include light weight, high stiffness and impact strength together with chemical and corrosion resistance.

This project aimed to increase the level of exploitation of pultrusion as a manufacturing route for products used within the power distribution, chemical processing, construction and sports and leisure sectors. A new pultrusion process was developed which is 25 % faster and 10 % cheaper than previous processes. New pultruded composite profiles were also created for use in sectors as diverse as construction (window and door profiles, curtain walls), power distribution (heating systems, pipes), leisure equipment and mass transport.

The European market for pultruded profiles is estimated at 30,000 tonnes, say project partners. The US market is nearly three times that size. Full exploitation of these markets could mean important gains indeed for European manufacturers, many of which are SMEs.

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