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New software allows small print shops to train employees without using real paper and ink and without interrupting the operating time of real machines.

For smaller printing shops, 95 % of which use small printing machines, training of new employees can be a costly endeavour. Large amounts of paper and ink, not to mention production time, are devoted to the training of employees on real machines.

This project was aimed at developing simulation software for offset printers, to aid in the training of print shop employees. The new simulator replaces real printing machinery, presenting users with a virtual machine on the computer screen. All the relevant variables can be taken into account, including paper quality, printing colours, machine configuration and photo printing parameters. With the new software, the consumables, including hazardous inks, coloured inks and paper are all virtual. For an average printing shop this could mean a savings of up to 30% on training costs. Training could even be extended, meaning consequent improvements in overall production quality and customer satisfaction.

The prime partner and co-initiator of the project has invested considerably in the development of a marketable version of the software and has formed a new company employing four engineers to exploit the product. Other printing shop partners intend to offer training in the new system.

Cordis RCN: 20222
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