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Graphic element High-precision shave-grinding for high-efficiency low-noise automobile gears
New low-speed shave-grinding machine tools and supporting software mean increased competitiveness for European producers of hard finished gears. The environment also benefits.

Today's European gear manufacturers are facing stiff competition from abroad while at the same time having to meet increasingly strict environmental requirements. New laws call for high-efficiency and low-noise engines, especially in trucks. Consequently, there is now a high demand for a hard gear finishing process which can provide excellent geometrical quality with low noise behaviour at competitive costs.

This project resulted in a new low-speed precision machining technology allowing economic production of high-quality gears, mainly for automotive applications. A new test bench and testing methodology were developed for tool specification. New software for entering numerous geometrical and process parameters and for visualising the manufacturing process were also developed. Finally, a complex new-generation machining process known as low-speed shave-grinding was used to produce high-quality gear wheels.

At the time of the study, say partners, no data were available in the literature on low-speed grinding. The new machining technology will provide a real boost to European manufacturer trying to keep up with the competition. Cheaper grinding equipment, shorter cycle times and lower total cost will save 20-30% in operating costs. The commercial exploitation of the results began before the end of the project.

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