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New software helps print shop SMEs to meet their delivery deadlines, allowing them to plan and manage production and to allocate machinery and resources more efficiently.

Modern print shops are faced with a large variety of orders, frequently changing short-term tasks and medium to low volumes. While production planning and scheduling systems are state-of-the-art in many industrial sectors, print shops are for the most part SMEs and volumes and schedules optimisation, order processing and allocation of capacities is generally carried out manually. This can be an extremely difficult task in a sector where orders and production conditions are constantly changing. Consequently, delivery deadlines are often not met and customer satisfaction is low.

This project was aimed at the development of a shop floor planning and control system for the printing industry. Several software modules were created allowing the management and optimisation of production, taking into account deadlines and order volumes. Allocation of operations to the required machines can be optimised, and the availability of raw materials can be tracked. Databases for user-specific administrative data and resources support these and other functions.

During the project a new company was founded to market the developed software system. Partners say demonstration of the software at industry fairs has revealed significant interest among print shops all over Europe, resulting in a considerable number of customer inquiries.

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