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The optimal decision model is the basis for new quality control software for precast concrete elements. Using expert systems, safety and appearance are now improved.

Through good times and bad, the concrete market has continued to grow rapidly around the world. The material is cheap and easy to produce and precast concrete elements have long been used as key structural components in many constructions like bridges, subway tunnels and sports stadiums. Unfortunately, without sufficient monitoring and control procedures, quality has remained variable and the rejection rate high.

This project was aimed at developing software modules for decision making and quality control in the precast concrete element production process. A thermal and structural module monitors progress and simulates the results of the manufacturing process during production, analysing temperature changes and structural stress along the lengths of the elements. Meanwhile, an inspection module performs quality control as recommended by ISO 9000, allowing the user to define, in a flexible way, control parameters, scope and solutions.

Both modules have now been tested successfully. Partners say the new system will help to guarantee improved safety and aesthetic appearance of many important constructions. Such issues are especially pertinent in European cities like Lisbon where extensive public works have been carried out since Expo 98.

Cordis RCN: 20194
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