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Improved operating standards, quality criteria and production methodology for thermoplastic rubber (TR) soles mean increased competitiveness for European footwear manufacturers.

Thermoplastic rubber (TR) is used extensively in a number of modern applications, notably in soles for footwear, but TR quality can be variable and the resulting negative image makes the marketing of such products difficult for European manufacturers.

The aim of this project was to establish the required scientific and technological basis for improving operating standards and criteria in the production of TR-soled footwear. New characterisation methodologies were developed and new quality criteria established concerning minimum TR physical performance characteristics as a function of climatic and friction conditions. Recommendations on design and moulding processes were also made.

Partners say that improved quality criteria and specifications for articles manufactured with TR will mean increased competitivity with respect to other materials. All of the industrial partners are active in the compounds, soles, moulds or footwear manufacturing sectors and the project findings have already been implemented in their daily operations.

Cordis RCN: 20174
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