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New gahnite-based frits for obtaining smooth glass-ceramic glazes with improved abrasion resistance and durability mean increased competitivity for European tile producers.

Glazed ceramic floor tiles are ubiquitous today, seen in homes and office buildings, in shops and in restaurants, but the available market glazes have low abrasion resistance, meaning tile surfaces can scratch fairly easily, incurring replacement and maintenance costs.

The aim of this project was to obtain a smooth ceramic surface glaze with improved hardness and wear resistance properties. All new ceramic frits were developed. These are special materials for preparing glass-ceramic glazes with excellent mechanical and optical properties. These new materials, based on innovative gahnite crystallisation, display oxide percentage compositions never before seen in the ceramics industry and their development involved extensive experimentation with crystalline-phase sintering and devitrification kinetics during the firing of test specimens. New methodologies were also developed for improving other glass-ceramic glazes and for formulating new frits.

The new glaze is the best glossy, smooth, white glaze ever seen on the market, meaning the industrial project partners now have a competitive edge in the tile production sector. The new glazed tile is more durable and has a higher life expectancy. It was successfully launched on the market six months after the end of the project.

Cordis RCN: 20169
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