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A new handling device allows simultaneous high-precision turning and lifting, with continuous rotation. The market price is 70-75% lower than similar available systems.

In handling systems using roller conveyors for transferring goods, the direction of transport very frequently has to be changed, often in conjunction with lifting operations. Traditionally, these kinds of complex movements have had to be carried out manually or using quite complex and expensive electromechanical devices.

This project has developed a new handling system showing several unique features. Lifting and turning operations have been integrated within a single device and a specially designed cam curve means continuous rotation is now possible, eliminating the need to reverse directions. A third innovation is the high precision of movement, with errors margins of no more than 0.5 millimetres or 0.1 degrees. Finally, the expected market price is about 70-75% lower than comparable products now available on the market.

The new system is currently being prepared for marketing. Partners say its stainless steel construction makes it ideal for food industry applications and its technical performance features plus low price will make it attractive for materials handling in a wide variety of other industrial sectors including pharmaceutical, automotive and packaging industries.

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