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A new computer-piloted manufacturing method for household linen includes automated cutting, buttonhole fixing and turning, allowing increased flexibility and reduced costs.

In recent years Europe has lost a significant share of the market in household linen to Eastern and South American countries. High production costs mean even Europeans cannot afford to buy European-produced linen. In addition to questions of competitive pricing, the linen industry is also facing increasingly tough distribution requirements, including shortened delivery time and reduction of stock.

This project was aimed at the development of a new manufacturing method for computer-piloted household linen production. Several new operations have been completely automated, including double cutting with two different lengths, in-line buttonhole realisation and fixing, linen turning and fording at the end of the manufacturing cycle. The design and general organisation of the manufacturing process has also been completely reworked. All of this means increased production flexibility and significant cost reductions.

Partners say their new process will help to re-establish the industrial competitiveness of European household linen and perhaps even open up opportunities for expansion into non-European markets. The new process is particularly well adapted to the duvet covers market which is currently expanding in Germany, Turkey, Eastern countries and Brazil.

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