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Graphic element Improved resistive oxide coatings for electromagnetic insulation
A large refurbished magnetron performs large-scale high-quality lightweight oxide coating for applications such as mobile phone EMI shielding coating with improved target design and process control systems.

Electromagnetic insulation (EMI) is an important but expensive process necessary for a number of modern applications, including shielding in mobile phones. Meanwhile, outdated coating machines, including sputtering magnetrons, sit idle.

This project was focused on developing an economical process for applying insulating oxide coatings for different applications. A large disused air-to-air magnetron was refurbished and adapted to use in large-scale high-quality coating, including lightweight EMI shielding coating for mobile phones. The coating process takes place under vacuum, meaning virtually no pollutants in the workplace. Additional achievements included the development of improved targets and new gas supply and process control systems. Sputtering rate was also improved and prototypes of pulsed DC power supplies have been produced and are operating.

Partners first intend to apply their new coating system to the EMI shielding coating of mobile phone components for NOKIA. Additional potential applications are envisioned in a variety of other sectors. Subsidiaries are now being established in a number of foreign countries.

Cordis RCN: 42873
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