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New European technology provides cost-effective production of positive active materials and liquid electrolytes for lightweight, long-life, environmentally sound lithium-carbon batteries.

The production of buildings using precast concrete elements has yet to penetrate significantly the European construction market. Despite its obvious advantages in terms of efficiency and environmental friendliness, prefabrication stubbornly retains its image as a cheap and somewhat dull method for producing plain and undesirable buildings.

This project was aimed at developing advanced automation technologies for the industrial precasting of elements for use in more varied and interesting building designs, much more in line with the needs and desires of modern architects. Innovations included the use of generic algorithms in the optimisation of robot control, the redesign of the wire mesh straightening machine based on fuzzy logic and the introduction of a central production computer.

Partners say the new system will provide an important boost to European competitiveness in the prefabricated construction market, but it will also lead to improved building quality in general, allowing the design and construction of more exciting buildings with all the advantages of prefabrication, including low environmental disruption, rapidity of construction and low cost.

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