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Graphic element Adaptable rubber isolating systems for seismic protection of buildings and other structures
Expert software allows the design and production of tailor-made base isolation systems, including high-damping laminated rubber bearings with increased energy dissipating capacity.

Passive control systems are being used increasingly for the protection of structures against sudden external forces like earthquakes. The basic strategy involves the uncoupling of superstructure and substructure through base isolation, including laminated rubber bearings. Today, engineers select base isolation systems from a catalogue, but each construction is unique and it is not always possible to find a pre-destined system which is well-suited to the application in question.

The aim of this project was to give engineers the freedom to design their own base isolation systems. New expert software allows the definition of a specific load-deformation curve with the necessary damping capacity. A device can then be assembled fulfilling the necessary requirements. A new high-damping rubber material was also developed, increasing energy dissipation capacity by 15-30%.

The results provide support for EUROCODE 8 legislation which extends the designated zones of seismic interest and requires the reassessment of structures and their retro-fitting with isolation systems if necessary. The new technology has an enormous potential for applications in the field of civil engineering and interest in licensing the technology has already been expressed by Taiwanese companies.

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