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Newly developed hardware and software for an integrated production cell for steel elements in reinforced concrete mean prefabrication is more affordable and environmentally-friendly.

Modern prefabricated buildings represent an efficient, cost-effective solution to the problem of affordable housing, especially in poorer countries. What is more, prefabrication can be carried out indoors, meaning less environmental disruption and easier waste disposal.
The INPROROS project has developed hardware and software for the integrated production of steel components for reinforced concrete in prefabricated buildings. The project brought together both existing and newly developed machinery and a computerised information management and control system, focusing on low-cost SME-accessible solutions. Principal innovations included the concept of an integrated reinforcement production cell, and the application of a six-axis industrial robot to the assembly process.

Pilot application of the new process in the Netherlands has resulted in considerable savings and consequent increases in competitiveness for the main industrial partner, an SME partner and an industrial end-user, as well as for the software developer.

Partners say European Commission funding was an important factor in the project's success. The particular EC personnel involved were understanding and supportive and the enhanced image gained by virtue of having participated in a Brite Euram project was a big plus.

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