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New software, processes and prototypes are advancing fully fitted prefabricated building module construction. Special structural connectors have been patented.

There is a growing world-wide market for fully fitted prefabricated building modules, an area in which Europe is lagging behind. The intelligent exploitation of module technology could have a significant impact on working methods within the European construction industry, leading to cost savings, faster building and increased quality through automation.

The objective of this project was to establish a structured approach to the design, production and installation of building modules. Two production prototypes were developed and implemented, along with a patented design for advanced structural connectors and comprehensive software to assist in manufacturing. Borrowing advanced materials from the aerospace and automotive industries, cost savings of up to 50% were achieved.

The new building technology also gives rise to significant energy savings through incorporated isolation and highly accurate assembly. In addition, on-site erection is quiet, involving minimal environmental disruption.

Project partners are now promoting the new technology and a number of potential users have shown interest in the project. Without EC funding there would not have been a project, say partners.

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