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A new 'clever' brick provides a more efficient, resistant and safe alternative to reinforced concrete in the construction of buildings subject to seismic events.
This project was aimed at developing a new construction system based on reinforced masonry. A new type of 'clever' brick was developed as an alternative to conventional reinforced concrete. This innovative building material meets new habitability requirements, can be reinforced with steel and allows for better insulation than reinforced concrete. It also provides increased protection against seismic disturbances.

Improved insulation means better energy efficiency, say partners, and increased seismic resistance means higher levels of safety for occupants and longer life for buildings subject to seismic events.

While the system has already been successfully marketed by some partners, large scale commercial success awaits the acceptance of the new specifications within national and international construction standards. Partners are currently seeking the inclusion of their new system in European masonry and seismic standards which should go a long way to opening doors on the national level.

Partners attribute much of their success to the high level of co-operation encouraged by Brite-Euram.

construction; reinforced masonry; seismic activity
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