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A new software tool kit makes production scheduling in the food industry and similar sectors more flexible and efficient.

Currently available software for production scheduling tends to be rigid and difficult to adapt to individual requirements and changing manufacturing conditions. This is particularly true within the food industry and similar sectors where large varieties of products and highly variable orders and order volumes are common.

A vertical partnership including software firms, RTD institutes and industrial users, has developed a software tool set for designing customised production scheduling systems. The new ScheduleZ tool set is aimed at manufacturers and distributors of short shelf-life and high turnover products and is extremely user-friendly, requiring minimal training.

The software firms have already begun commercial exploitation with positive feedback from customers. The main industrial partner, a customised production schedules designer, is now using the tool set internally, experiencing increased productivity at lower costs. Product quality has increased along with customer satisfaction and sales. Partners have also had to employ additional staff to cover the increased business.

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