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European research improves the design of slab tracks with reduced ground vibration and noise as well as lower maintenance costs for the rail transport industry.
Rail transport poses severe challenges in terms of safety and environmental impact, with high speed trains representing a particular challenge for Europe. In Japan 2000 km of high-tech slab tracks have already been installed and Europe is clearly lagging in a potentially enormous international market.

In this project, a horizontal consortium including two manufacturers and an end user carried out fundamental research aimed at improving slab tracks for light and high-speed railways. The principle goal and result was the demonstration of reduced environmental impact, including reduction of ground vibration, containment of acoustic nuisance and reduction of maintenance costs.

Prototype tracks are now in use in the Italian and Spanish rail systems, and in Italian subways. Potential new applications can also be envisaged in the construction and heavy industry sectors where the reduction of noise and vibrations could be beneficial.

Cordis RCN: 19245
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