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New machines and automated processes are improving productivity and efficiency in yarn production. Recycling has also been made easier.

Traditional spinning methods involve the use of cards, special instruments for cleansing, disentangling and collecting together fibres.

The INTEXTER project used modern card sets in combination with alternative unconventional spinning technologies to increase the productivity and efficiency of carded yarn production. Going well beyond the state of the art, the project optimised the entire wool carding and spinning process. Two complete card sets and two new spinning machines were developed, stressing automation at various levels. Used fibres can now also be recycled using the new process, thus closing the textile life cycle. The project has resulted in a patent.

Application of the new system has had a significant positive impact on the SME partner, and, given that most enterprises within the textile sector are SMEs, partners hope the results of the project will mean increased competitiveness for the European textile industry as a whole.

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