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A high-energy actuator has the potential to reduce vibration and material fatigue in heavy machinery. Applied elsewhere, it can also increase personal comfort.

The need to reduce and control environmental vibration and noise pollution in European and other urban and industrial areas is now beyond question. This project provides imaginative solutions in the socially relevant area of heavy loads vibration using promising high-tech developments in the field of magnetics.

Partners in this project have combined sophisticated electronics and the innovative use of magnetostrictive materials in a high-energy actuator which they believe can replace conventional mechanical vibration-reducing systems. These would include springs and other shock-absorbing mechanisms.

While the potential environmental implications are clear, partners believe the new development will also lead to a reduction of material fatigue in heavy machinery and increased personal comfort when applied in such areas as automobile seats and suspension.
The probability of commercial success is high, putting European producers in a strong position in a potentially important high-tech market of the future.

Cordis RCN: 19229
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