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New equipment and procedures for integrated leather tanning and dying are safer, more efficient and better for the environment.

Dyeing and chemical operations were once the bottleneck in the production process of tanneries, being carried out in drums with paddle wheels and creating a break in continuity in the overall processing chain.

Partners in this project developed and installed three prototype machines at Buscatese and designed a completely integrated production process for leather dyeing, increasing productivity and shortening production cycles (from three weeks to one week). In addition, consumption of chemicals and dyes was significantly reduced (30%), as was water consumption (50%). New chemicals were developed which are less hazardous to the environment and to health, benefiting both workers in the leather industry and end-users. There was also an energy savings (3-4%).

Reduced production costs could mean lower prices for leather products and a new competitive edge for the European leather industry as a whole. Much of the project's success has been credited to partnership's structure, representing the ideal supplier-manufacturer-user chain.

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