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Environmental regulations on industrial effluents increase the need for efficient treatment and purification. High-tech European membranes are now competing with Japanese.

Today's increasingly stringent environmental regulations are imposing new and costlier treatment requirements on industrial waste. The concentration and recovery of acids from waste effluents, while being a means of waste purification, can also lead to increased competitiveness for companies in areas like steel treatment and copper and zinc refining. The Japanese have already made considerable progress in this field.

The aim of this project was to develop electrodialysis ion-exchange membranes and the necessary associated industrial equipment for the recovery and purification of acids from waste effluent. Whereas the initial plan called for the creation of 15 new membranes, 75 were ultimately developed. Applications in a wide variety of fields have been envisaged.

Pilot studies have been carried out in Canadian and French SMEs and a new Brite Euram project is currently underway. The new membranes have significantly raised the state of the art and orders have already been received from Japanese customers.

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