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European research in process tomography is improving the design and operation of industrial processes with wide potential applications.
This project brought together researchers from a wide range of disciplines interested in developing and exploiting tomographic technologies within the process industries. Imaging techniques already used in the medical field were combined with newly developed measurement and control instrumentation. They were then applied to uses in the distribution of materials in process vessels and pipelines. The results mean potential improvements in the design and operation of process plants.

Through four annual conferences the project attracted many more participants than the core 25 partners. The resulting technical papers and electronic database make Europe by far the leader in the field. A number of new partnerships were formed, resulting in the establishment of a several new research initiatives and some small companies. These have already started to exploit the ideas developed during the project.

Potential future applications include quality inspection of foods, testing of textures in consumer goods and testing of soil on contaminated land as well as other applications in the pharmaceutical, chemical, oil and mineral sectors.

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