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A new X-ray system can be used to inspect whole 12-foot-long containers or airport luggage and can detect radioactive materials, explosives or arms.

For more than 100 years X-ray technology has been instrumental in exposing details hidden from the human eye. Radiation, detection and image processing technologies instantly deliver superb images while maintaining the highest possible level of operator safety.

This project led to the development of a high resolution X-ray inspection system. Steel penetration, a basic performance index for X-ray systems, was improved from 18 mm to 25 mm. The system can be used for the inspection of whole 12-foot-long containers at harbour customs stations and of luggage at airports, and can detect the presence of radioactive materials, explosives or arms.

The manufacturing partner has now successfully integrated the new system into its product range and has accumulated a turnover exceeding 10 million euro through direct sales of industrial and airport inspection systems. Competitiveness was increased through cost savings resulting from a reduction in the number of components and the simplification of testing procedures.

Cordis RCN: 2772
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