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New software for use with CAD/CAM/CAe systems identifies assembly-related design features early in the design phase, reducing rejection rates and overall development costs.

Traditionally, in large and complex design projects, assembly issues have only been addressed late in the design phase, often after physical prototypes have already been made. Concurrent introduction of assembly features is conceptually possible through the use of CAe software tools, but there are no related databases, user specifications or design principles and so current tools have no capability in this area.

The aim of this project was to develop a prototype, feature-based, assembly-design model for use with CAD/CAM/CAe software. The new system identifies assembly-related design features, incorporating engineering knowledge about how assembly issues affect the shape and configuration of an article to be assembled.

The incorporation of assembly features in the initial design phase could reduce the cost of prototype development by up to 50%, and project partners, including some of Europe's largest and most innovative users of CAD/CAM/CAe systems, are now looking to the next big European aerospace project - the Future Offensive Aircraft (FOA) - which they would like to see benefit from the new technology.

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