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Following analyses of stone and tool properties, partners designed a new tool, including a new diamond conditioning system and an improved coolant supply to the stone interface.

Granite cutting is a noisy and time-consuming process which up to now has not been thoroughly analysed as an integrated process. For example, while conventional cutting never exceeds 200mm in depth, a more complete scientific understanding both of stone properties and tool behaviour might well suggest ways to increase cutting depth. Similar improvements in other areas would mean a more rapid and efficient cutting process.

The objective of this project was to develop a system for the deep sawing of hard granite, with cutting depths of up to 300 mm. Following analyses of stone properties and of machine, tool and work-piece vibration, the partners manufactured a prototype tool, including a new conditioning system for segmented diamond tools and an improved system for coolant supply to the stone interface. The new system reduces noise emission by about 5-8 decibels compared to the standard process.

The project associated four industrial partners, three of which were SMEs, representing the chain from diamond cutting tip to segment to blade to sawing machine manufacturers, together with two research groups. Partners say it was the first time such companies were able to work together. The results will mean increased competitiveness for European SMEs with strong world-wide export positions.

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