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A newly patented gasoline direct injection (GADI) system reduces fuel consumption and polluting emissions, boosting European competitiveness against Japan and the US.

The European automotive industry is facing increasing demands for fuel-efficient and environmentally sound vehicles, both from government authorities and from concerned customers. Future market shares will depend in large part on their ability to provide such vehicles. Japanese and US car manufacturers are already working on new gasoline direct injection (GADI) systems which will improve fuel efficiency.

This project brought together major European car and engine manufacturers with the aim of developing new GADI systems for European-manufactured cars. A patented direct injection-flow-combustion system is now available for use by all of the partners, including a new combustion chamber configuration and electronic control. The system reduces fuel consumption by about 15 to 20 % and the ultimate goal of reducing emissions has been achieved.

During the course of the project, Mitsubishi launched a GADI engine, and by the time the first European GADI engine enters the market, Mitsubishi will have already produced over 300. Clearly, this project represents an enormous contribution in advancing European interests in this important area.

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