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Motorcycle front train performance under extreme riding conditions can be evaluated rapidly, with less risk and at a lower cost using models and a new test bench.

Traditionally, the design of motorcycle front trains has required long experience, a little guesswork and a lot of trial and error. The interaction between such widely different components as tyres, the motorcycle frame and shock absorbing systems can be difficult to predict. At the same time, the performance of these components is crucial to both rider comfort and safety. Up to now, observations made on test motorcycles have provided only partial answers to questions concerning critical parameters like tyre stiffness and suspension damping capacity.

This project was aimed at rationalising motorcycle front train design through the use of models and a new test bench as an intermediate step between computation and actual road testing. The new approach allows the rapid, risk-free evaluation of front train performance under extreme riding conditions, and at a substantially reduced cost. It can also be used to study fatigue effects in ageing components.

The new approach has already been used in the design and production of a new, lighter and more straightforward front train providing improved stability and comfort under variable road and track conditions. What is more, say project partners, it means improved European competitiveness with rival Japanese motorcycle manufacturers who currently dominate the market.

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