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New techniques using PEDT organic materials allow the manufacture of low-cost surface-mount capacitors for environmentally-friendly circuitry, plating and coating applications.

There is an increasing demand today for low-cost surface-mount electronic components. Indeed, surface mounting, with its size and cost advantages, is becoming the main method of circuit manufacture. But one important component, the electrolytic capacitor, has proved difficult to produce in a surface-mount version. The conventional production method requires a thick dielectric layer and the use of manganese dioxide which is dangerous to the environment.

The main objective of this project was the development of improved manufacturing techniques for the production of organic surface-mount conductors. The new method requires only a thin dielectric layer and with PEDT organic material there are no metallic elements. New applications include a through-hole plating process for printed circuit boards and an antistatic coating for photographic films and plastics.

The largest obstacle to exploitation is very strong market competition, say partners. Today, most capacitors are produced in Asia and only a very small number of manufactures exist in Europe. Asian manufactures set standards and prices and Europe has to follow. That may now be set to change. Several partners have already started commercialising project results and partner ALCATEL is using the new capacitors in their mobile phone network.

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