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Advanced superparamagnetic nanoparticles can be coupled with biotechnological molecules for use in imaging and other applications for cancer and for diagnosis and treatment.

Of all the illnesses known to man, cancer remains one of the most dreaded and mysterious. Metastatic disease is an especially difficult problem, and finding means of diagnosing and treating such cancer has been one of the major goals of modern medical research.

This project sought to develop new medical diagnostic and therapeutic tools, applying advanced techniques for the preparation of nanosized powders to the synthesis of pharmaceutical-based particle systems ("magnetites"). These new particles can be coupled with man-made biomolecules and then act as magnetic targets for advanced imaging and other techniques. New analytical methods were also developed, and insights were gained into the biological particle action at a sub-cellular level.

Furthermore, new animal models were developed and have already been validated using the particles. Other findings are of special importance as the use of low-field scanners at competitive cost is of increasing importance for clinical diagnostics due to changes in public health policy.

The new synthesis technique can operate as a closed system, meaning almost all educts and additives can be recycled, keeping it in line with current and future economical and environmental standards. Partners see several medical applications for their new particles and a very high market potential.

Cordis RCN: 17805
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