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European cities can breathe easier as better, maintenance-free, recyclable lead-acid batteries mean improved range and acceleration for public and private electric vehicles.

Viable high-performance electric vehicles (EVs) have long been the dream of the ecologically-conscious. Fossil fuel emissions could be substantially reduced, especially in and around crowded cities, if their use were ever to become widespread. But problems such as low battery capacity and reliability have always kept them from living up to their promise as a marketable alternative to conventional vehicles.

The aim of this project was to develop a better, maintenance-free, recyclable lead-acid battery for EVs. Battery performance in terms of range and acceleration were significantly improved, and the project identified two areas where a better technical understanding will bring further improvements in performance and battery life. With respect to battery construction, over half-a-dozen key variables were investigated, including tin content in grid alloys, fine fibre content in glass mat separators, curing processes and conductive additives.

Partners say their new valve-regulated lead acid batteries represent a reliable and improved power source for EVs, including buses, private cars, taxis or delivery vans, and while the current market for electric vehicles is still small, new legislation like that seen in the US requiring more EV production could soon change that.

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