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A new digital, environmentally-friendly and high-productivity jet printing technology for the textile industry means increased European competitivity against Japan and the US.

Printing on cloth is an age-old practice and it remains an important part of modern textile manufacturing. While established rotary printing methods allow high productivity, preparation is extremely time consuming and production is inflexible and not profitable when only small numbers of pieces are printed. Existing jet printers for textile applications are more flexible but quite slow, operating at only about 1m2 per hour. The colour variety is also limited and the inks used are dangerous, meaning waste effluent must be properly treated and disposed of.

This project was aimed at developing an advanced ink jet colour printing technique for the textile industry. The result is a new 160 cm-wide, four-colour jet printer featuring twenty-fold increased productivity. Light and water-fast ink jet paper and specially coated receiving materials and pre-treatment techniques were also developed, along with newly formulated inks based on reactive dyes applicable to several textile materials. The colour range has also been improved. Environmentally-friendly features include an integrated ink recycling system and the use of water-based dyes.

Partners say this is just a starting point for ink jet textile printing which could eventually lead to improved European competitiveness against Japan and US-based printer manufacturers and Far East textile manufacturers.

Cordis RCN: 6250
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