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Graphic element High-performance rubber bearings for seismic and vibration isolation
New high-damping rubber bearings (HDRB) allow improved anti-seismic protection of buildings, gas tanks and other structures during natural disasters.

Recent natural disasters have pointed to the importance of preparedness in dealing with catastrophes like earthquakes and other seismic events. Not only are human lives at risk in such situations, but massive material damage is caused, incurring untold cleanup and rebuilding expenses.

This project was aimed at developing two new rubber compounds to be used in the manufacture of optimised High-damping rubber bearings (HDRB). New manufacturing techniques were also developed as well as experimental and numerical qualification procedures (finite element models), all towards the goal of maximising anti-seismic protection during natural disasters. A reduction in seismic effects by a factor of three was demonstrated compared to traditionally isolated buildings. Positive effects were also shown for vulnerable natural gas tanks.

This improved damping technology will lead to cost savings, say partners, by eliminating the need for the additional energy dissipation devices which normally must be adopted. Commercial exploitation of the project's results has already begun and further potential applications are seen in the civil engineering sector.

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